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This product works perfectly for me. Purchased to speed up the cataloging process for my DVD collection using the DVDProfiler software. I just plugged it into the USB port on my PC (which was running the catalog program) and was able to read the DVD barcode immediately. Sometimes I have a problem. For example, I've found that a transparent film over a barcode can be confusing due to reflections and fail to read, but it works when the reader is tilted to scan at an angle.


I needed to sort out more of my warehouse inventory, so I bought this scanner and labeled each box with a bar code to catalog the contents and see which box the item was in. I would expect. It's really a great value for money and I'll lose it now.
I'm really happy with my purchase.


A real little tiny thing.
Connect directly to the USB port on your laptop. I mainly use Excel to categorize things and don't use flashy apps to populate data purely for faster inventory and data management. It seems to be working properly.


It is used on Linux (Ubuntu 19.04) and can be used immediately after plugging in, so no additional settings are required. An accurate scanner that works with all 1D EAN and Code 128 barcodes thrown so far (I haven't tried any other standards). Like most scanners, it duplicates keyboard input, so it works for most use cases. It comes with programmable options (such as line ending style) via the included scannable barcode sheet. Obviously, getting the barcode verifier / verification feature would cost more than this, but for pure barcode scanning, this Inlight scanner is the best choice.

Lee Spencer

Easy to set up and saves a lot of time.

This was such a revolutionary purchase. Instead of entering the information manually, this has greatly speeded up the process.
I used it on my Macbook, but it was plug and play and didn't require any configuration. Excel allows you to scan the code. It's very convenient because it automatically adds code and moves the cell down.

Aditya Kasliwal
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